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From your first appointment booking to your final visit, the staff at St. Raphael's Chiropractic Care Center will put you and your care first!  We take the time to listen and fully understand the conditions with which you are suffering, and develop a truly personalized  care plan.  When we say personalized, WE MEAN IT!  Each patient is unique and we understand that the traditional "one method fits all" method of treatment  does not work to get you the results you need.   As Dr. Smith says about his over 25 years of practice, "I've never treated the same condition twice", due to the uniqueness of each individual.  This is why Dr. Smith feels he is truly Blessed to have received the training which comes from practicing as both a Physical Therapist and a Doctor of Chiropractic.  This "Perfect Marriage" of the two professions gives him many different methods to use and many different ways to determine the causation of your pain.  We will do our very best to get to the cause of your pain and give you the tools to overcome it!  

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Your initial visit with us is arguably the most important.  This is when Dr. Smith will obtain as much information about your health and functional deficits from you as possible, which will allow him to establish a truly unique treatment plan.  This unique treatment plan will allow Dr. Smith to discover the true cause of the pain or functional limitation and begin the most effective treatment for it.  Due to the complex nature of many pain conditions, this initial visit may take from 75 up to 120 minutes in length.  We encourage you to PLEASE COMPLETE ALL of your patient portal forms online before your scheduled initial visit date, to help decrease the amount of Health History Data Dr. Smith has to enter during your visit.  This will reduce the length of the initial visit time.   We Look forward to seeing you soon!


Follow up visits are generally 30-40 minutes in length for both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.  This time frame allows Dr. Smith to perform effective treatments for each patient, and allowing for more visit openings per day, reducing the wait list placement of other patients. 


The overall treatment paradigm to gain control of your care is a collaborative effort between each patient and Dr. Smith.  During each patient visit, Dr. Smith will utilize some of the most advanced and effective hands on and exercise strategies known.  In addition, Dr. Smith will empower you with very specific exercises, injury prevention, and healthy living strategies to help you gain independence over your pain and decrease the need for further pain related health interventions over time.

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