Scar Tissue Treatment

Combined with traditional medical treatment, scar tissue treatment is an effective means to controlling the development of scar tissue and helping burn victims to heal more quickly. When combined with stretching, massage can make the scar looser, more comfortable, and improve range of motion.

When scarring occurs, the injury may take months to fully reveal itself in scarring and loss of mobility. Because scarred skin needs special care, scar tissue treatment is a highly-effective tool for promoting skin rejuvenation. Soothing and restorative, this type of massage helps to keep burned skin soft and supple as it heals and helps burn victims to better function in their daily lives.

scar tissue

Once a scar has matured past the threat of shearing, or pulling away from healthy tissue, many doctors advise their patients to undergo scar tissue treatment as a part of their recovery treatment plan. When performed at least once a day during the critical healing period, scar tissue treatment combines gentle massage strokes, pressure, skin moisturizers and heat. The result is more flexible skin, less pain and itching and less­noticeable scarring.

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